Sunday, January 10, 2010

Make Your Shower Your Personal Spa

When you take a shower do you normally think of it as a time to clean or a time to relax? I love shower time, it's a little time to my self and a time for mini spa treatments. Here are a few essential things to make sure you enjoy your time.

Everyone should start with at at least three simple things to jump start your spa experience. You can always add more like; foot scrubs, body scrubs and great shower heads. Enjoy yourself!

1. Use a great shower gel or scrub. You need something that leaves you feeling clean and also leaves your skin feeling smooth. Something that lathers good and rinses clean.

Neutrogena has a great product called Rain Bath. Great Lather , very clean , and smells fresh. This will run you about $7-8 but it is well worth it and lasts a while

2.A great loofa, body brush or a good wash cloth is essential. Getting a good scrub will aid in feeling fresh and clean. The Body Shop has great tools! My favorite is shown below and it's only 15 dollars. It gets that hard to reach spot on your back and your hubby or wife will love how smooth your skin is!

3. A great daily facial scrub is great for the shower. Use it to get that extra clean feeling and that smooth , touchable face.
I love the daily Warming Scrub by Aveeno. What I love is that it actually does get warm and gives you that
feel of a quick morning facial.

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  1. I LoLoLove Neutrogena Rainbath! Makes me want to stay in the shower all day! ;)


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