Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stuck on paint?

There are so many home decoration shows and so many wonderful design experts out there it's so hard to choose from one style. Paint is always a subject that sometimes has you scratching your head wondering which colors are best .

If you are currently in a rut and stuck on what colors work, here are a few suggestions below that always seem to compliment any style

Neutral color schemes are a great way to go and can make any room look fresh, clean, and up to date.

The above color scheme would look great in any bathroom for that spa like feel. These colors can also look great in a country style kitchen etc.. 

 Having color to accentuate your home is great, but if you use colors that are too bold it may make it hard to find complimentary furniture or even sell your home. Using neutral colors or softer colors can make rooms feel larger and open and inviting. Enjoy!

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  1. another Tip, hire a painter if you have to do your whole house...its well worth the money.


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