Thursday, March 4, 2010

Modern Bride meet Modern Bridesmaid

You know the saying brides have for their bridesmaids " You can totally wear the dress again" and it really means you totally can't? ( Remember the movie 27 dresses?) Well ShopRuche actually has bridesmaid dresses you CAN wear again!

Bride to be? Want to have stylish bridesmaids? Search the Look book at ShopRuche

Featuring cute and stylish dresses for today's chic bride! ( I wish I saw these before my wedding haha!)

You can also become a fan on facebook here. ShopRuche has really become one of my favorite places and I recommend them to everyone!


  1. I agree with being able to wear the dress again. Picking the right style is definitely appropriate, but also I think bridesmaids may forget to take something into account. Perhaps they can't wear the dress again, because they don't have any functions to attend or maybe they lose weight for the event and went back to normal. I love the article but it won't do any good if the bridesmaids aren't stepping back out or aren't stepping on the scale.

  2. Thanks Anonymous! Great point =) This was just a fun post to show off a great site that has cute dresses. Thanks for the comment, keep checking back =)


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