Monday, March 1, 2010

Wine Glasses

In the past couple of years I have acquired a taste for wine, so naturally I am now obsessed with great wine glasses!

I think in everyone's kitchen cabinet there should be a great wine glass. Even if you don't drink wine it's good to have them for any party you may have or any intimate gathering.

My favorite type of wine glass:
A very large glass with wide rim
great for dinner parties!

Another great style of wine glass is the stemless style:
These are great for everyday use.  Great for when it's your turn to host girl's night!

only 2.50 each at Crate and Barrel

here's a tip: If you prefer to not to drink wine (or just alcohol in general)  you can always fill your favorite glasses with any beverage you like. Water always looks great in wine glasses + sangria sans the alcohol looks great as well

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