Monday, May 17, 2010

Makeup brush holder

I was thinking to my self today, I really don't have any posts showing you great finds that I actually own, lol! So I will try and make sure I post some of my own items, so you all know I really do love all of these things!

Recently I have been learning to pay attention to my makeup and how to apply it properly etc, but also needed a proper place to store my brushes. ( I used to store them all clumped together in a bag). I was introduced to E.L.F. by my friend Gaby and all the cute tools for makeup application , storage etc. The prices are so great that I had to search around for some great items. One item I came across is their brush holder. They come in a couple of different sizes and I just love the sleek look! It is a perfect place to store my brushes and it keeps them nice and separated for easy finding =)

Here is my holder with my (don't laugh) limited brush set ( hope to expand the collection soon). This is the large holder and is only 15 bucks! The small holder is only 5 bucks! A great buy if you have 3 brushes or 30 =)

P.S. If you need a good tutorial on how to apply your makeup, check out here  and here

Picture courtesy of Michael B photography (My hubby hehe)


  1. Awesome stuf! Great pic too!!! :-P

  2. Hey T..this is sooo cute, I love this!

  3. Cute box! e.l.f. is great! Have you ever checked out youtube for some makeup tutorials? They have some great videos!


  4. Thanks Guys! Yea, youtube has great videos. They have good ones for hair too


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