Friday, May 7, 2010

What's your Favorite Facial Cleanser?

As I'm nearing 30 (oh gosh) I have been paying more and more attention to my skin and how to take care of it. Although I still need to master the art of always washing my face before I go to bed ( bad I know), I do realize the importance of a great cleanser. It's always important to wash the makeup off your face and any dirt and grime that can settle in your pores and clog them. It's also important to know your skin changes as we age and the cleanser you used when you were a teenager may not work the same now. It's good to experiment and find one that is right for you!

I asked a few friends to share what type of facial cleanser and moisturizer they love. Check them out and if you are looking for a good one hopefully we all can help.

Nancy loves Clinique brand moisturizer and cleanser 
 Monica and Jeff  love Prescriptives brand  All you need for oily skin

Stephanie loves Dermologica's Anti-Bacterial Wash (now called clearing skin wash) and Sunscreen moisturizer

 Annette loves Yonka Paris' Gel Nettoyant and Masque hydrant 60

 Cinnamon loves Arbonne FC5

So what is my favorite cleanser you ask? Well I have been trying different brands out and the best one for me is Purity made simple by Philosophy and I also use the When Hope is Not Enough Moisturizer. I love the way it removes my makeup a I have actually noticed a difference in my skin!



Hope this helps you if you are looking for the perfect morning refresher! Thanks to all of my friends who were so awesome to share their favorite items!!

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