Thursday, June 3, 2010

Great Looking Outdoor Space...for less

Ever look through the awesome home magazines or websites that have great outdoor patio furniture, but come to find out it will cost you an arm , leg and possibly and ear to replicate the space? Well Ikea has a great fix for that! They have some great inexpensive items that can help make your outdoor space look great, without paying well, your limbs.

Check out these great lounge chairs that will run you about $129.00-169.00. They have interchangeable cushions for you to choose your favorite color.

These are two of my favorite items. This will run you about $90.00-120.00

With a great ottoman to match

Another great item, an umbrella! Can't have a great table and chairs without a chic umbrella! only 69 bucks!

I hope this helps to get you started! All of the items can be found here at

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