Monday, June 14, 2010

Tea anyone?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I didn't really get to post this weekend since the hubby and I had plenty of fun things to do. Between one of my best friends son's first birthday party ( too cute) and lot's of church activities on Sunday, it was kind of hard to get a post or two in. I promise to leave you with one tonight!

So my sister in law and I are completely obsessed with the iced ( and warm) Chai Tea from Starbucks. Lately we have been looking for a less expensive alternative for our almost daily fix. After many attempts, we finally found a perfect alternative and we can have it everyday and not feel so guilty for spending so much at Starbucks, lol!

If you love chai tea, visit your nearest Target store and pick up some Tazo Chai and Vanilla Soy Milk. You can measure it to taste and believe me it tastes great! For the cost of one, maybe two visits to Starbucks, you can have a weeks worth! Now we usually have a couple of servings a day, haha! Uh oh, did I think this through?? :)

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  1. my favorite...cant wait to be able to drink it again.


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