Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Favs

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. We had a fantastic dinner and a relaxing 2 year wedding anniversary. =)  I also helped my husband Mike with a new photo project ( details to come soon)! We are headed to Las Vegas this upcoming weekend for a little more celebrating so I will try to put a few new posts for you all to enjoy while we are away ;)

I'm always sad when summer ends because we really love outdoor activities and now we can't do as much. But, I immediately get happy again because I love Fall! I love the fashion, the decor, the cuddling, and the comfort food =) I thought I would share some of my fall fashion favorites and get in the Fall-y mood.

I really love this flowy floral cardigan from Forever21. $27.80

loving this silk sweater from $22.80

Great jacket from Anthropologie. White tee and jeans and this is perfect. $178.00

This is a great button up from ShopRuche for only $31.99

Loving this yummy gold scarf from Shop Hallelu $19.00

Want super east layers? Try this cardigan from Anthropologie $78.00

Love these Tsubo boots from Piperlime ... 180.00

Here are all the Links below:

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