Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pendant Lighting

Happy 9-02-10 Day! ( Don't you just want to watch a marathon and scream "Donna Martin Graduates???")

Remember when I posted about the Burlap Dome Chandelier that I absolutely fell in love with from Restoration Hardware here? If you also remember, it was anywhere from $595-695. Yikes! Yes, the quality is amazing and actually, if I had the budget for it I would buy them instantly. However, since we are looking for a new home it's probably best to keep costs as low as possible. You too right?? As I was searching through the new IKEA catalog ( in my snuggie on the couch watching football with hubby) I came across the BOJA pendant lamp! What a great alternative to a pricey item! The best part? It is only 59.99!

my heart is jumping for joy!

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