Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Updates

Happy "Fat" Tuesday everyone! I hope you all enjoyed a great weekend =)  Mike and I had a good one...

We did a little more updating and shopping this past weekend for the house..it's coming along slowly but surely. Loving every minute of it!

I have been a little very obsessed with antlers lately ( my husband isn't too fond haha) and I have been searching around for some that won't break the bank!! I love the white deer head found here at Z Gallerie, but it is just not in the budget. So I searched on Ebay for something similar I can use and I found it! I found this pretty little thing and paid around $19 bucks with shipping. So happy with it and now we just need to find a place for it

Another thing we decided to do was get some more of our pictures printed. We have been married for two years and we are finally getting a chance to display our engagement and wedding photos! I headed over to Costco again ( can't beat the prices) and had a couple of 8 x10's and 16 x 20's made. Then headed over to Ikea and purchased a couple of Ribba Frames that I just love! Only $20!

I would show you the second picture but I broke the glass in the process of putting the picture in!! **Wahhh** Guess I'll make another trip this weekend =)

One more thing we decided to do was move the coffee table. Since we decided to mount the TV on the wall in front of our couch, we need a smaller console to go underneath. If we do that, there would not be enough room for the coffee table. Since we LOVE the table there has to be another place for it. SO, we decided to place it behind the couch...

I need your help again!! I need to decorate this table better. Right now it's a place for our magazine holder, a couple of decorative candle holders from Pier One and one of our wedding pics ( very temporary items). I would love something a but more Chic and modern. Since it's first thing you see when you walk in I want it to make a subtle statement. Any suggestions???

Well that's it for today's update! See you all tomorrow for WILW =)


  1. What about putting up your candles on a shelf where they show their height, and getting some shorter candles for the table. or maybe your birdies you got on a contrasting tray. I also like the idea os something with a B on it for Brumbelow. That looks old and railroady (I know that isnt a word, but go with me) like Bodie Town.

    My thoughts from a hippie/do it yourselfer in WA.


  2. Loving the progress! Really cool antler accessory!

  3. Thanks Gals!!!

    @ Lizzy I love the idea of something with our name in a rustic type or railroady LOL.. I'll take my time with it and hopefully make it great!

  4. Oh my gosh. I love seeing updates on your house. It really is coming along! That picture of you and Mike with your shadows is seriously the most adorable thing...love that idea. Check out the new lonny (starting on pg 54) for tips on decorating surfaces. I thought it was an extremely interesting AND helpful article. Hope you both have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks Jennifer! I love that picuture too =) I will for sure check out the new Lonny. Thanks so much for the advice!!


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