Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Monday's inspiration...

Hey all!!

Sorry no post yesterday, it was a busy day. I did get to hang out with the cutest sets of twins & triplets you'll ever see though =)

So, here's is Monday's inspiration Today! A Little short today
These are all form DecorPad ( I love this place)

That rug is seriously awesome

I just love the way this whole room comes together. Looks like a great place to read!

I love the art wall! Totally inspiring me to continue with ours =)

see you all later for tuesday updates


  1. Love the third image with the orange couch, dark walls and picture wall. Very cool!

  2. The third image speaks to me too! Pure love!!!

  3. I love taht one too! Doesn't it look like it feels super cozy?!

  4. Lovely spaces! And the third one is calling out to me too! Enjoy the gorgeous day, Kellie xx


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