Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Updates...

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

Can you believe it , I actually have a few updates for you =)
Mike and I are hosting our first mini BBQ this weekend and I really wanted to update a few things before then. Our walls are still pretty bare and they are screaming ( really you can hear them scream) for some love.

The first thing we did was frame one of our engagement pictures and placed it on the side wall where you first come into the door.

We used the Ikea Ribba Frame

Remember when I posted here about the frame I broke? Well, I am so glad I actually kept the outside frame and backing because I finally picked up the chalk board cut out. I needed something for it and the empty broken frame was perfect!

Here is the cutout before

I placed the cutout on the backing and then placed it back in the frame
After a quick game of Tic Tac Toe, the hubbers put it up on the wall! What do you think? ( oh and I found chalk at a teacher supply store for only $.79, whoo hoo)

So, remember when I decided to place our coffee table behind our couch? ( or in front depending on which way you look ) I needed some help finding a good way to decorate it. Jennifer from JNicole Interiors suggested that I check out the newest Lonny Mag for inspiration. My friend Lizzy also suggested using the smaller candle holder for the table. So I took their advice and used what I had!

Here is the inspiration from Lonny

Here is the table before

AND here is the after... Your Thoughts??

I still need to add a bit more. What do you think would be a great fit?

I hope to have more updates this week! Until then, see you tomorrow for WILW :)


  1. omg you are doing such a great job! i love it all.

  2. How about a colorful tray or a couple of unique coasters with different designs?

  3. Tam'ra you read my mind..Stay tuned


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