Thursday, June 9, 2011

How did I forget about the tray!

Today's post is a bit boring , but an update none the less :) 

So, remember when I posted here about how I arranged the items on our coffee table? I needed something to add to it. My friend Tam'ra suggested I add some type of tray or even some unique coasters. As I was driving home from work it hit me! "Duh" Tia ( yes I just said Duh).. My Friend Lizzy surprised me one day with this awesome Zebra print tray from Nordstrom. I've had it in my upstairs cabinet just waiting for a good place to put it!

I thought it would be the perfect touch of glam to our "Modern Rustic" style. 

What do you think?

See you tomorrow :) 


  1. Thank you Jen! It's one of my favorite items :)

  2. LOVE IT! I am obsessed with animal prints :)


  3. Today's post isn't boring, I'm in it! Haha, glad the idea could remind you about the tray, I love it!

  4. That tray is fabulous!!! Perfect addition to the table. Note to self: find a beautiful zebra tray!

    Happy Weekend girl!

  5. You Gals are all so sweet!! Thank you for your great comments :) And Tam'ra you are right! It's not boring with you in it!


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