Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday Updates...

Happy Tuesday! How is everyone?
{ We're still sort of getting back into the swing of things over here :) }

I was browsing around Home Goods and normally I just go straight to the all the accessories and furniture. Today I took my time and tried to find things I wouldn't normally look for. I am SO Glad I did. There's things there I would have never thought to try or purchase. For example , they have some really interesting items for the kitchen. Great Oils, spices, & other cooking items that normally cost a little more than you may want to spend. A large bottle of Extra virgin olive oil can run you around $17-20 retail. If you use as much as we do to cook then you know that can add up each month. Home Goods carries such things and I thought I would try one out!

This Large bottle? Only $7.99! 

So I kept Searching and then I came across this really cute oil dispenser for only $3.99
take off the stickers and it's ready for display!

I kept on the hunt and noticed Home Goods also carries great hand soaps, dish soaps, body soaps etc..
I thought it would be great to get a couple of great light smelling hand soaps for the kitchen & bathroom. These were both only  $5 ! The price tag said regularly $ 10 so I saved half. Pretty good right?

this one is Lemon Thyme - great for the kitchen

This one is called Olive oil - Great for the bathroom ( I wish I can find the hand lotion to match this one as it smells sooo good) 

All in all I spent only about $23 bucks. Yup, that's it!

What do you think of these finds?


  1. I was there the other day and could not find and oil dispenser for the life of me! Glad you found one though :)

  2. Hiya Sweets! Love your vaycay shots, you look super cute! Looking forward to seeing more pics! Glad you had a great time.

    I'm totally digging your purchases here. The soaps look lovely. I love anything lemony! And oil dispensers rock. My dish soap liquid doesn't come in a pretty bottle so I actually put that in an oil dispenser.

    OXO N.

  3. Thanks Gals!!

    @ Lauren: that was the only one they had! I wanted two of them to put some vinegar in.. I'll check again next week :)

    Thanks Nat!! Such a great idea putting in an oil dispenser

  4. That is such a great reminder! I never look at those things, but I will go down EVERY other aisle, oh like five times each!


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