Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Updates

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

A little late start to the blog this week, but how is everyone? How was your weekend?

I was so excited at how quickly our new hive vase from West Elm arrived! I couldn't wait to open it :) I decided on the tall in white ( I know I know we still need color) and I love it! It looks a little boring on our table right now, but as soon as we get some fresh flowers to add it will look much better. What do you think?

On Another note...
I think I found the chairs I want for the dining table. I think they are the perfect mix of the Modern Rustic look that we're going for. What do you think? The below are from Crate & Barrel and they are $199.00 each ( which isn't too bad) ... Let's see if I can find them somewhere else for a little less ... any suggestions?

See you tomorrow

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  1. Gorgeous! Love that beautiful table! Have a wonderful week ahead, Kellie xx


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