Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday Updates..

It's Tuesday! I hope your week is going well so far. Tuesday is my " Monday" so it's gets a little busy around here =) 

I thought I would switch gears a bit and show you our bedroom. The thing that is great and not so great about our room is that it is literally a blank slate. Even though we painted it the same color as the rest of the house, it's still pretty bare. 

Our bed was a gift from my Mother in Law and we don't plan on changing it out just yet so It will need to work with whatever design we go with =) 
{ don't mind the ugly blue cover} 

We have a decent size window that brings in tons of light! It's Just waiting for a great window treatment...

Now don't laugh at our fun stickers on our dresser! This was my hubby's dresser since before I knew him!  I have big plans for this thing { okay well once I figure it out, ha . I would love to paint it a fun, bold color!  That is our closet to the right. It's a decent size, but we'll get to that soon. 

Overall I love the size of our room and the potential that it has. I am, however, stumped! Where to begin? Well, I have been compiling my "Pinterest" lists and personal folders of things I love. I actually bought some side tables from Ikea, that I'll show you in the next post...

Here are a few rooms from Decor Pad that I really liked...

Here, I loved the faux animal head over the bed. It's so simple but makes a huge impact on the room!

This headboard is just super cute & totally goes with the 'Modern Rustic' look we love...

 Though it lacks a bit of color, I was really drawn to side tables and the large piece of art work over the bed in this room. The Zebra rug is fantastic too!

All in all we have alot to think about, but I am also learning to take my time and really figure out what it is we want. Now here is where you come in? What colors or style do you think would fit with our bed? If you can't tell { which can be hard with my camera skills,haha} our walls are grayish/blue... 

Stay tuned... I'll have a little update for you tomorrow with the tables I added =) 


I love comments! Please be kind and God Bless =)