Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Updates

Happy Tuesday! 

Today has been one strange day, but a good day non the less. It could be worse right? 
Well it's been quite a while since we have had an actual "Tuesday update." Not that we don't want to share haha, we just are at a stand still. Why, you ask?

Remember when I showed you when the contractors painted our home ? How the walls were actually supposed to be gray, but ended up being a grayish blue? While the color is nice, we just realized it's really not want we want. We've been trying to live with it and work with it, but when it came down to it, we just need to change it. Shouldn't live in a space you really love? 

A glimpse of our current walls

So until we get started on that ( either ourselves or hire someone) we aren't doing too many updates to the living room. Sooo What do we have in mind?

We've been thinking about painting the walls a shade of white and Mike is thinking of perhaps adding some wood beams to the ceiling. Something similar to this:

What do you think ?

I do want to show you my awesome Home Goods find! I actually went to a different store than I normally visit and after browsing for a while there wasn't really anything that I just had to have. BUT THEN two of the store employees were stocking some new merchandise and as I walked by I spotted two Ampersand's on the cart. My heart jumped! ( okay I'm exaggerating, but I was really excited) So I asked one of them if I can have one and of course they said yes, so I got this really cool accessory for only $12.99! You like?


  1. that color is making my insides smile..but i love gray...

  2. great deal! I have been looking for one of those too! I saw a few at Hobby Lobby, but the color wasn't right. Thanks for sharing!!!


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