Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Updates...

Hey Everyone! Welcome back! 

So, the space under the stairs had been bugging me for a while. Simply because it was bare. 
The hubby is going to make a desk to put there, but in the mean time I wanted to do something to that area. 

My sister had a book shelf that she didn't want anymore so I told her I would take it! I eventually would like to paint it, but in the mean time this works :) 

This is what I did... 

I used all of the items from the coffee table to put in the bookshelf...

I for sure need to play with the accessories and change some things around, but it's a temporary fix. Once we have a desk, we can really get down to business :) 

What do I do with the table? I just moved my white Hive Vase for a more minimal look. What do you think?

See you all tomorrow :) 

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