Thursday, December 29, 2011

iPad Love...

Hey Everyone!  I hope your holiday week is going by wonderfully! Did you get everything you wanted?  I hope you were able to give a little too =) Isn't that a great feeling?!?

 Remember here when I shared my Christmas wish list with you? Well, I was so surprised and happy; my hubs bought me the iPad 2! ( I really wanted it, but it wasn't a necessity you know?) Since my computer went down last week ( thanks to a large furry friend) the iPad was perfect timing! { thanks hubby }

So, naturally the first thing I needed was a case. If you are anything like me, you drop awesome things all the time. My iPhone has seen better days... I began the hunt for a case. Being a girl on a budget , I didn't want to go over a certain amount for this case, but I wanted stylish one that did not look cheap. I headed over to Nordstrom to see what they offered since many popular designers are making phone/tablet cases now.

My first choice, was the "classic" looking Michael Kors case, but at $128.00 It was out of the price range I wanted to stay in. I really wanted to stay under $100. Under $80 would be even better!


I kept searching and I found this really cute Ted Baker case, and it was only $70.00! whoohoo! Right up my little price alley..

I ended up purchasing this one. I love it because I can also store other things inside as well. Like my ID and it's perfect for flying.

Here's my iPhone shot with my iPad's pretty cute! I'll prob end up getting another case, just to have some options. But I love this one!

don't forget you can still get 40% off the Etsy shop through Sunday =) Code: cybermonday
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