Thursday, December 22, 2011

Last Minute Gift Ideas..{ very last minute }

So it is Dec 22nd.. only 2 more shopping days left? Are you finished with your list? I still have one gift to purchase and then we are finito!

If you still have few things to get and are a little stumped here are a few ideas you may love...

Wine Glasses. If you are like me, I'm always breaking them! What a cool gift for the wine lover..

the stemless wine glasses can be found at Target

If you know someone who is always on thier Laptop ( like me ) This Lap Desk is perfect at only $19.99 from Crate & Barrel

Perfect for the person who loves cooking with fresh herbs, this " Herb Keeper" can also be found at Crate & Barrel for only $19.99!

If you're pretty keen on Someone's style & taste a simple throw for the couch or bed is great gift! This one is only $12.99 at Ikea

Happy Shopping!

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