Friday, January 13, 2012

Pinterest-y Jars...

Happy Thursday *slash* almost Friday since I'm writing this post at 11:52pm ...

Remember when I told you here about my box of mason jars given to me by my MIL? Well, I finally decided to do something with them and with the encouragement of my husband I started searching for a fun & easy project. Enter Pinterest! I'm sure I don't have to tell you about that amazing site and all of the great inspiration that comes from it. I searched around for mason jars and I came across the below:

And I immediately thought, I could do this! So I went to Home Depot and purchased some Rustoleum Spray Paint. Most people say to use Kryon, but The Home Depot does not carry that brand- crazy right? But Rustoleum works just great!

I laid out my painters paper on the patio and got to work:

I have to admit, my husband had to teach me how to spray paint, since I really had never tried it before. I chose Yellow ( in glossy ), Blue & white. I used 3-4 coats on each jar , two coats on the "B" and the frames ( I had 2). They were pretty flat and easy to paint. I suggest a minimum of three coats( In  a smooth swiping back & forth motion) , let dry for about 10-15 mins then see if you missed any spots =) 

I am so pleased with the way they turned out! After about an hour they were pretty much set. A few hours passed and they were completely dry .

I love the way the words stand out ( yellow & white were my favs) 

Love the glossy yellow  & it added the perfect pop of color we needed
{ if you look closely you can see Bodie by the door - silly dog } 

I put some silk flowers in just to add a little something for now... 

Do you like?


  1. Those are so cool! Great colors : )

  2. I love your color choices! I pinned the same thing but have yet to do it, kind of an issue for me with Pinterest...actually doing it. :-) I just took a peek in your Etsy shop and your items are beautiful. I love the clean & simple style.

  3. Look amazing! I did a similar project for Christmas!

  4. Those are so PRETTY!!! I love them


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