Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Need Curtains!

Happy Thursday! Are you all having a good week so far? I hope you are =) 
Sorry for the late start this week,  my computer is still down so I have to share with MB for now ...

One of the things we have yet to put in our living area are curtains. I know, we're living on the edge! ha! One Reason is ; I think curtains and shades are a big part of decor and you have to choose carefully. Another reason is, I just didn't know if I wanted either curtains, shutters or shades...

So after discussing a bit with MB ( my hubby) we decided on both Curtains and shades. Now, the question is what type of shades? I really like the look of the bamboo shades, but I fear I may get tired of them. So I need more options...

West Elm has shades that I really like and would still keep the room bright:

I also like the look of bamboo shades. These are from .  The color is a bit darker but would still look great, I think. 

So needless to say I am a little torn over what type to put up. But I do however, know what curtains I want. I was watching he show " Up all Night" ( with Christina Applegate, love that show!!) and the set design included these curtains from IKEA.  I loved them and I think they would be a great addition =) 

So what do you think? Which choice of shade would you pair with the curtains?
 Do you have any other suggestions? 


  1. Tough choices! I think the shades are more flexible, but the bamboo adds great texture. I think it depends on the overall look of the room.

  2. OMG, window treatments are such a huge dilemma! It hurts my brain! We have a ton of window and pretty much no coverings of any kind. I finally put my foot down and got Mr. to agree to blinds in our bedroom when I was pregnant. I moved too slow for the 'strip off and dash into bed' manoeuvre I had created. I'm pretty sure our neighbours watch us like tv. Not that we're very interesting or anything :)

    Ok, longest comment ever and I was no help at all. Awesome. xx Nat


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