Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A little White Update...

Welcome back! I hope your week is going by well =)

It was a pretty busy weekend for us so I just have a small update for you today. Remember here when I shared our bedroom and how boring it is? If need refresher click on the link and visit Hyphen Interiors.
Since then, we have purchased some bedside tables to make it look a bit better. Here's a quick look of how it looked before:

Not a fantastic angle, but you can see we were were using a box and $20 dollar lamp from Ikea. 
( yes that was our only little sad light besides the closet light )

That look was not something I wanted to get used to haha, so I headed over to Ikea. Now, MB is not a huge fan Ikea and honestly I wouldn't buy a major piece of furniture there either, but I think alot of the items are great. I am a big fan of their accessories, lighting & kitchen supplies! Okay back to the story... I saw that Ikea had small side tables on sale for $7.99! I felt as though I could NOT pass them up. Although the height is a bit low for my taste, the price was right and I like the color. ( not quite white )

Here is how it looks now. We added the lamps I got from Pier One and placed them on top of some magazines. This is definitely a temporary look!

You may be wondering why on earth would I show you the mess underneath the table! Well, it's basically to show what I still need to accomplish. Storage! I was thinking of a large crate or something along those lines.. 

I started scouring blogs & Pinterest to find a great way to accessorize the tables. Here are some of my favs:

Source: via Tia on Pinterest

Source: via Whitney on Pinterest

So what do you think? 
We actually don't have a clear plan for the bedroom just yet, but I think it's a decent start. I did purchase 2 canvases and I plan to use them as art work on the tables.  One thing I thought about doing is, changing our lamp shades for a slightly bigger shade. 

I would love your opinions!


  1. Great job so far my friend! And I love your inspiration pics. I know what you mean about storage! It's our never ending battle. Right now I'm in my kitchen and it looks like an explosion of STUFF everywhere. What are you going to do with the canvases? Do they have prints on them or are you thinking DIY? I need to work on the wall decor at our place! xx Nat

    1. Thanks Nat!! I was thinking DIY. I saw a couple of patterns I thought about following

  2. I love what you've done so far! You've got some awesome inspiration pictures. Our bedroom is on the bottom of my list of rooms to decorate because the hubs insists on giving his manly advice. ;)

  3. I think a pretty woven basket would look darling, I could see a bigger shade too like you where thinking, I love the very last pic in your post. It's perfectly styled.


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