Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love Story...

Happy Love Day everyone!

Today I'm linking to The Elephant's Trunk blog, by Lauren, and sharing our love story...

MB & I don't really go all out for V-day. We normally have a nice intimate dinner, laugh & just enjoy each others company...

We met in high-school! He was a football player, I was a cheerleader. I know, I know, but It's true haha!
We actually did not start dating in high school, we were just in the same group of friends and we became very close. Then, college came and we actually went our separate ways. I stayed here and went to Cal State Long Beach while Mike left an headed two hours away to USD, in San Diego... Fast forward a couple years soph/junior year in college. Mike decided to leave San Diego for Cal Poly Pomona and I was still here at Long Bch State...

Since Mike was back, we started to "hang out" again. Always having lunch together and just spending lots of time together. Needless to say what started out as friendship ended up in Love =) After College the rest was history...MB surprised me with a proposal in front of our families in 2007 and in 2008 we were married!

The best three years EVER. With many many more to come!

share your "Love Story" and link up below!


  1. SO SWEET. Thanks for sharing. amazing post, love. I hope you have a fabulous Valentines Day. if you get a sec, I'd love to hear what you think of my latest. xo


    1. You're so sweet Anna! Heading over to your blog now :)

  2. I love how similar our stories are! You guys are so adorable. Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thank Lauren! I love sharing about us lol!!

  3. AHH! I adore your love story! :)


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