Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School House Electric & Supply Co.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Whenever I get the chance to actually sit down and catch up on blogs, I always love to click on the ads on the blog or the links used in that post. The shops advertised are normally from handmade shops or quirky places & usually always find a place I've never heard of. Today I was reading the oh so cute blog Young House Love { yea, you know them }, and I was introduced to the shop: 

This shop has some pretty cool items, a lot of which you may remember from your days in elementary, like this clock.. 

I used to watch this like a hawk in school, but now, how great is it as a design element?!?

Here are a few more of my favorite items:

You guys know about my current love for maps and they have a fantastic one!

I Like the cream colored trash can- I think that would look great in an office

this lamp is adorable!

check out the store here and tell me what your favorite picks are!

See you all tomorrow- hopefully with an update on the "office area"

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