Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wed Love...

Wow! I haven't done a Wed love post in a while.

So, what am I loving today? The California flag!

You already know my love for maps and the beauty of California.  I may be biased since I grew up here, but I still love it non the less. I was obsessing searching around on Pinterest when I came across this amazing photo. The homeowner used the California flag in their decor and I loved it!

How cool is that?  I really liked how they included the flag above the bookcase.

I don't know how easy or expensive it would be to obtain a flag that size & have it framed. So, I started searching around Etsy to see if there were any alternatives. 

I Found the shop QuotesandQuips and they offer this really cool Vinyl wall art of the CA flag!

Really Cool Item and who knows maybe, it will be in our home someday!

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  1. cute idea for a wall hanging! and I love that orange sofa too! xo


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