Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Your Must Haves...

Happy Tuesday Everyone... 

Before I get into today's post, I wanted to take a moment and just remember what happened today 11 yeas ago. Our country and our lives were forever changed. Let us continue to pray for our country, our world, and our leaders. May God bring peace to you all who have suffered losses or have been deeply wounded. We were all affected some way or another , and I pray for God's peace to be with us all.

MB & I have started our registry this weekend! Whoo! How exciting and crazy that I have already reached 6 months! So, I need your help. What are some of your must haves you for a new baby? This is our first child, so we are a bit clueless and sort of overwhelmed with all of the brands etc.. What have you found to be the most helpful?

So far, one of the things we have to have is :

The ERGO carrier. It has such great reviews and many of my friends recommend it. 

Now it's your turn? What do you love ?

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  1. So...Baby isn't out yet which makes me super unqualified to answer this question...however, I've also heard great things about the Ergo! Look forward to hearing what others would pick.


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