Monday, July 1, 2013

Arrows >>>

Happy Monday- Let's make today great!

It's no secret that I love arrows, no I really love them. I knew I wanted to add some to Declan's room but needed to find some that could fill a space on a wall. I purchased these from Etsy shop: The Red Dutch Door and we finally put them up!

I feel so bad sometimes because I haven't finished his room yet, and he's 6 months, what?! I know, I know... But some of you who know me, know that with a few special things he needs and numerous appointments we have it's been a slow process LOL! 

Here is how they look on the wall. Who knows, we may move them , but for now I like the way they look. It makes the room look a bit more done!

I don't think this little mini minds too much that his room isn't done, haha!

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