Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Black Walls ...

I am so excited! We are finally getting back into decorating our home and refreshing some things. Remember here, when I shared some Pinterest pins and how I loved the black wall? Well MB thought it would be a good idea to paint one of our kitchen walls and I loved the idea! 

We chose a small wall between the refrigerator and the pantry. Our kitchen is small so I think we chose the right spot. 

Here is how the wall looked before ( sorry for the crappy phone pics, I'll take better pictures soon ) ...

We used Rustoleum Chalkboard paint. After you place a few coats on, you'll need to let it sit for about 3 days or so before you are ready to write away ...

time to dry...

Here is how it looks pretty much dried and almost ready to go!

We still need to put the electrical box cover back on and clean up a bit but, I love the way it turned out!
( oh and the fantastic artwork is from our nephew )

What do yo guys think?
What projects are you working on?

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  1. Love this! I adore your home decor! I'm working on Christmas ornaments and some items for the shop right now.


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