Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[ My Lately List ]

Hey! I'm playing along with the gorg Stephanie of Pixels and Playbooks and jotting down my lately list. Check it out below:

Lately I’ve been:
COOKING  My hubby does all the cooking for dinner, I mainly Pin everything I like haha! I do cook lots of baby food though
SIPPING Lots of Coffee & Diet Coke. I know the latter is probably not the best but the little caffeine burst is so needed!
READING I just downloaded " Balancing it All" by Candace Cameron Bure. I can't wait to dive into it :)
LISTENING to lots of worship music & Kings of leon
WANTING to find my place, my own style & unfollow the crowd ( in a good way )
WATCHING the last season of Breaking Bad ( don't tell me what happens )
WAITING to take a trip to AZ with my boys for some Angels Spring Training ( 3 more weeks! )
ATTEMPTING to be humble & non-judgmental
LIKING shopping for our son
HOPING to be consistent with things like working out & doing fun activities with our son
NEEDING A new Ox Box! 
TRYING to put God first in all that I do
WEARING Kimonos all day every day
LOVING The new 'Be Kind' Collection from the Kindred Street
PLANNING workouts and park time
MAKING new items for the shop and adding invitations too!
NOTICING my taste and priorities are changing
FEELING more confident than I've ever been, Thanks to God and his word.
LAUGHING at my son and how hilarious he's becoming
ADMIRING those women who have a small ( or even big ) business & balancing marriage & children along with work.
BUYING some new paper for the shop
CRAVING an Ahi Salad
DISLIKING Feeling intimidated or left out ( ahhh this honesty thing )
FOLLOWING Ascot Friday - Her style rocks & her faith in God Rocks even harder.
FEELING happy & thankful 

Want to play along? Visit Pixels and Playbooks and add your list!

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