Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[ Weekend Roundup ]

It's time for our weekend round up!

This weekend was packed with fun & Family. 

MB & I are normally not big Valentine's day people. We usually just have a nice dinner, but we don't buy gifts or anything like that. It's just something we've always done. This year though, Dex is a little older now and I wanted to make it fun. So, we made cute little Valentine's cards and delivered them to his little friends & family. 

at our stop to the grandparents 

On Saturday we had a fun trip to the park and celebrated our Sister-in- law's grandmother's birthday. Daddy photo-bombed us :) [ happy birthday Tutu-lady ]

On Sunday we had 'church at the park' haha...
Declan is coming around to liking the swing. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Your little one is so adorable! Last time I stopped by your blog you were pregnant. Congrats!

  2. You son is so handsome! Beautiful family. Xo


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